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About Wise:

  • Client since 2013
  • Company size 2 200 employees
  • Services used: Cloud-based Contact Center solution – phone tool
  • Phone tool is used by 500-member customer support team in Tallinn, Tampa, Singapore and Budapest

Wise chooses Prominion for global availability

Wise offers a service for moving money across borders as fast as possible, for as little as possible. Their moving force is to put the way money moves back into the hands of ordinary people by disrupting a system built by big banks and old financial institutions.

Only recently people had a global problem of this magnitude – bad exchange rates and no options not to be overcharged and underserved for moving their money overseas. Wise got on a mission to build a fair financial system for global lives.

“In Wise we power money for people and businesses — for sending, spending and getting paid in any currency, and that is wherever and whenever. For that mission we are constantly pushing the envelope to unlock our service for more and more people and to be endlessly faster and better. For example even if it might seem impossible we are constantly decreasing our service fees. 3 years ago our average fee was 0,5% of the overall transfer and today it is only 0,35%,“ says Andrei Dubonossov, Head of Customer Support at Wise and continues:

“Over the years our customers have grown to 4 million people worldwide, but our customer centric culture has not. The importance of our customer support is the reason why we have grown so fast – it is connected to every other part of the business“.

In 2013 Wise was in the beginning of agile growth and needed a partner who offers cloud-based and scalable phone system, using smart tech solutions and being geographically close to their decision-making.

“Prominion met all the requirements. We were growing rapidly and constantly needed to either open local phone lines for our customers or add additional features to existing lines e.g. call backs and IVR, and Prominion has been successfully supporting our expansion. Their tech support and development of new functions has been excellent as working together as a team is very easy, not only because we always get very fast and efficient support from Prominion, but a lot of times, that support has been proactive. Over the years we have received a lot of compliments that our phone lines are always clear and of an amazing quality,“ describes Dubonossov.

The best-run businesses know not only their goals but their current state of play and have adequate statistics for decision-making. Wise keeps a close eye on theirs and has set targets for their customer support – missed incoming call rate must be less than 10% and at least 80% of calls must be answered in 15 seconds, to name a few.

Dubonossov says: “In general, we’ve been working really hard to meet those targets. We are getting better and faster as we continue to scale and Prominion has been vital in helping the team work towards these goals“.

“Our global availability is very important for our business. We act without borders – just like our customers – and working with Prominion has helped us to achieve that. Their team is not only operative, fast and professional but they also have a long term view and proactive mindset. For the maintenance of the Contact Center solutions Wise doesn`t need to rely on a huge tech support team, because Prominion is taking care of it for us. Peace of mind is the name of the game.“

Andrei Dubonossov, Head of Customer Support at Wise

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