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Why join Prominion?

We are a team of specialists whose driving force is our customers and their ever-evolving challenges. We know how to run the best customer service and we bring solutions to our customers that we ourselves have already proven to work.

At Prominion, you can be part of a team where your contribution counts and where every day offers new opportunities to learn and grow:

  • Our co-workers are more than just colleagues – they are always ready to help, support and encourage. Such an environment creates a strong sense of team, where everyone is aware of the importance of their role. We value open communication and a positive work atmosphere where everyone can feel safe and accepted.
  • We understand that life is not just about work. Prominion offers flexible working conditions to support work-life balance. This approach allows our employees to find the best way to balance productivity and personal well-being.
  • There is no unnecessary bureaucracy. We believe that simplified processes and structures allow our team to focus on what really matters – innovation and meeting customer needs. This reduces unnecessary stress and allows the team to maintain efficiency and flexibility.
  • In Prominion, no one has to be stuck in their role. We encourage our employees to explore new fields, experiment and develop their skills in a variety of ways. This approach not only enriches the employee experience, but also allows everyone to follow their career ambitions.

Open positions

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We always have room for more good and talented people. If you think we would be a perfect match, please fill out the contact form below by telling us what you are good at and sending us a link to your CV or your LinkedIn profile. Or if you want to greet us in a video, where you introduce yourself, that is great too. Just send us a link to your video.

The company values ​​diversity and ensures equal treatment for all employees, regardless of their gender, nationality, religious beliefs or other personal characteristics. 

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Being among the first to offer cloud-based contact center systems already in 2002 we believe in excellence in customer service as one of the most important business fundamentals.


Our cloud-based services are used globally and our systems help serve clients 24/7.


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