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Do you run the best customer service?

Customer experience matters and differentiates you from others. You want your brand promises to be real and delivered to your customers. They want to be valued and supported on all channels. The key is to align your processes with the customer journey and ensuring they reach the right people to solve their problems and fast. Introducing centrally managed and smart solutions for managing customer communication channels makes a difference.

That is where our Contact Center solution as a service comes in.

We are an official SAP Gold Partner and sell their finest ready-made software solutions. We cover the whole life-cycle of implementing and maintaining of customer experience solutions for you – from developing cloud infrastructure and custom solutions, software installations and integrations to consulting and ongoing support and maintenance.

How do you win with our Contact Center solution?

  • Inbound functionality – efficient customer service tools across call, e-mail, SMS and Web channels incl. recording calls, callback and smart IVR functionality etc.
  • Smart contact routing and handling to ensure your customers reach the right people to solve their problems and fast.
  • Improving agent productivity by using one tool for multiple channels.
  • Outbound functionality – effective for planning and executing telephone surveys, sales and telemarketing campaigns independent of location.
  • Real-time monitoring, reporting and quality analysis tools.
  • Reliable, secure and integrates with your existing ICT.
  • Usage-based billing.
  • When combining it with our CRM solution it’s match made in heaven, because the end-to-end service management adds even more efficiency. Take a look!
  • Out-of-the-box SAP CRM integration.
  • As time and volumes grow, a constantly evolving smart system.
  • Built for remote work and delivered from our secure cloud. 
    But if you want to have the solution running on your servers we are up for that as well.
  • Saving you time and IT resources because we are taking care of launching and maintaining your new customer experience solutions for you.
  • Our team’s experience of 18+ years and proactive mindset – our systems help serving your customers 24/7.
  • A long-term and stable partner, because we are in it for a long game.

Your company’s needs are our top priority, when finding the best software solutions. Get in touch and let’s talk.

Contact Center solution – for a smart omnichannel experience

Source: SAP

Outbound & Inbound Calls

Source: SAP

Text Chats

Source: SAP

Picklists. Choose which conversation, call or email you want to reply to.

Source: SAP

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Being among the first to offer cloud-based contact center systems already in 2002 we believe in excellence in customer service as one of the most important business fundamentals.


Our cloud-based services are used globally and our systems help serving clients 24/7.


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