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Want to get on the same page with your customers?

Are you still explaining over the phone or chat to your customers how to navigate your online store, self-service portal or mobile app? Maybe also sending screenshots back and forth?

If yes then we have a smart solution to speed up the average case handling time just by adding one line of code to your website.

With Prominion’s cobrowsing solution you can do precisely that. This browser view sharing platform is ideally suited to the needs of online stores, tech companies and other service providers in private and public sector who need to provide fast and frictionless assistance to customers on their websites or web apps.

Check out the benefits of Prominon’s Cobrowsing

Prominion’s Cobrowsing allows you to:

  • Convert more prospective customers by guiding them through the purchase journey.
  • Wow your customers with smooth and efficient customer service.
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues faster by allowing Customer Service (CS) agents to see the user’s screen.
  • Reduce the average case resolution time and free up your support team’s time for more complex tasks.
  • Add cobrowsing to your sales or onboarding toolkit.

The perfect cobrowsing solution for any company. Read more!

Prominion’s Cobrowsing solution offers the following features:

  • CS agents can see the customer’s browser, scroll, click, and enter information ‒ or share their screen with the customer when needed.
  • One solution fits all from SMEs to large public or private institutions. Your annual fee depends on the number of CS agents added to the system.
  • Easy-to-install ‒ simply add a one-line Javascript tag to your website.
  • No need for your customers to download anything: they can activate cobrowsing with one click on the website.
  • Flexible extra features, for example, you can mask sensitive information (e.g., credit card data or passwords) from the CS agent’s view or prohibit the agent from hitting the “Confirm” button.
  • Open API for integration with any customer relationship management (CRM), agent desktop or Contact Center tech. Sharing sessions are automatically logged in the CRM.
  • Integrates perfectly with Sinch Contact Pro customer service software. Read more about Sinch Contact Pro solution for a smart omnichannel experience.
  • Safe and secure ‒ all data is encrypted and no session data is being stored.

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Why choose Prominion?

At Prominion, we have been providing first-class customer experience & HR software tools for private and public clients ranging from SMEs to unicorns and key state institutions since 2002.

We help you set up Prominion's Cobrowsing and configure it according to your needs. Though the basic integration is pretty straightforward, cobrowsing comes with plenty of extra functionalities regarding permissions of agents or integration with CRM tech, which requires specialist knowledge.

We’ll help you get the maximum benefit from the platform and are always a phone call or email away to help you out with any technical or other issues ‒ in local language in local office hours!

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