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Customer service representatives

About Creditstar Group:

  • Client since 2007
  • Company size 135 employees
  • Services used: Cloud-based Contact Center solution, including inbound and outbound features and additional custom solutions
  • Service is used by 62 customer service representatives in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Great Britain, Spain, and the Czech Republic

Prominion helps Creditstar Group grow –
Focusing on the customer, growth, and speed are central to the work of Creditstar Group, which is fueled by innovation. As a pioneer among small non-bank financial institutions in Estonia, the firm has won the European Business Awards and is on the prestigious Top 150 list of Inc. 5000 Europe.

Creditstar’s mission is to bring flexible and comprehensible financial products to the market that provide people with security when it comes to unexpected expenses. “Our work is based on constant innovation and smart technology and respect for our customers and partners,” says Ulla Ugast, Country Manager for Estonia at Creditstar Group. “We offer products that are important for our customers, and for this we want to better understand and meet their expectations and needs.”

Ugast continues: “We value long-term relations with our customers, but also undoubtedly with our partners. In 2007, we were beginning our development and were looking for partners with whom we could collaborate to quickly match the needs of our clients with technological developments. The first challenges were the recording and storing of calls and the ability to open customer service channels in all the countries we were expanding to. As the market leaders in cloud-based Contact Center solutions, Prominion was an obvious choice for us.”

Our long-running collaboration started with the implementation of inbound functionality for serving all incoming contacts, including recording calls, a solution for returning calls, and setting up customer phone support in foreign markets.

The newest recent development was the implementation of outbound functionality. “We use this mainly for phoning our debtors, which makes the work of our customer service representatives much faster and simpler. A list of the debtors is fed into the system, to which the customer service representatives are added, and then the system calls the customers automatically. The representatives don’t have to dial the numbers by hand, and the system also regulates the agreed returning of calls. This way, we save time and see the results of the work sooner, and this allows us to set our course more efficiently. It’s a great solution!” explains Ugast.

As the next development, the firm is considering analysis of customer service quality, CRM, and chat solutions. “The chat solution offered by Prominion allows all the customer service representatives to use the system simultaneously, and, that said, such an upgrade would not entail any additional costs in terms of user licenses. We always value clever, cost-effective solutions that help us to be closer to our customers, as well as faster and more efficient,” says Ugast.

“In our partnership with Prominion, I value their personal communication above all else. They are always friendly and professional. I feel that they value us and are there for us. During this long collaboration, both Creditstar Group and Prominion have grown and developed a lot, and we will continue to strive for improvement. I recommend the Prominion team and their customer experience solution as a service for companies who want to grow, who value innovation, reliable systems, and friendly and supportive customer service.”

Ulla Ugast, Country Manager for Estonia at Creditstar Group

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