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About DPD:

  • Client since 2008
  • Company size 176 employees
  • Services used: Cloud-based Contact Center solution, including solutions for calls, emails, IVR, IVR bot, returning calls, and additional custom solutions
  • 34 users

DPD Estonia has chosen to partner with Prominion to be closer to its customers –

The driving force of DPD Estonia, as the leading provider of courier services, is focusing on the customer. In a constantly changing market, they have chosen their strategy to meet these changes, guided by their customers and their needs.

Expertise, friendliness, and closeness are key to the company’s activities, and a “can do” attitude has been a recurrent theme since its establishment in 1996. To ensure quick delivery times, simple systems, and closeness with the customers, they collaborate with partners who share the same values, because this provides the best common understanding.

“The partnership between DPD Estonia and Prominion started 10 years ago with a telephone service. To develop our customer service, we needed a cloud-based way of recording calls and, observing the market around us, we saw that the possibilities and expertise of Prominion made them the flagship of Contact Center software solutions,” says Kadi Ilus, the Head of Customer Service at DPD Estonia.

“During these many years, with help from Prominion, we have introduced a whole line of developments necessary for improving customer service, such as the centralization and management of written customer inquiries, separate management of inquiries by B2B clients, analysis of customer service quality, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and a solution for returning calls,” says Ilus. “Currently, the newest tool is the IVR bot, which quickly and conveniently informs customers who call our customer service to learn the status of their parcel.”

To be the best at one’s work and to set high goals, it is essential to have an adequate overview of past actions and the current situation. Kadi Ilus explains that the Prominion Contact Center solution provides them with extensive statistics and indicates whether they are moving in the right direction, in addition to the necessary developments. “We check the quality of our customer service daily and are dealing with inquiries more efficiently year by year. In 2018, we managed to answer 98.95% of calls from B2B clients, and 97.8% of written inquiries received answers within one hour. The results for responding to inquiries from regular clients last year were 84% and 92% in 1.5 hours, respectively,” says Ilus. “We can always do better, though, and we are moving in the right direction to achieve this.”

“At DPD Estonia we have had very good results through partnership with Prominion. We selected them as partners to be closer to our customers, and this we have achieved. Personal communication, initiative in finding solutions, reliability, and thinking a few steps ahead are only some of the strengths of the Prominion team. They are trustworthy partners with whom it’s possible not only to dream but also to achieve. The partnership has given us peace of mind, because they care about us, and I hope that our partnership will last for many years to come.”

Kadi Ilus, Head of Customer Service at DPD Estonia

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